Dentures in a day

Our office excels at providing our patients the best quality prosthetics at an affordable cost.  Because we understand that when considering a new denture each patient has different concerns including fit, look, warranty/guarantee and cost efficiency.  

FIT- Our prosthetics are made from an impression taken of each individuals mouth.  We then "seat" the denture into your mouth and make proper adjustments for a great fit.  For the next 60 days we will adjust the prosthetic at no charge (you must have an appointment).

LOOK-   Partial dentures are designed to match your existing natural teeth.  Our full dentures increase in characterization and "natural" look as you progress in cost.  Our Deluxe or Ultimate dentures are the most realistic and natural looking denture made with the best quality teeth.

WARRANTY- All of our full dentures have a guarantee against breakage in the mouth. 

Economy - 1 year    

Custom - 2 year   

Deluxe - lifetime. 

This means that if at any time during this period your denture breaks or a tooth falls out we will repair it for you at no charge (refer to the warranty sheet given at your appointment for more information).  Partial dentures are limited to 60 days.

COST-  We understand budget constraints but also the need for prosthetics, so we offer prices that can accommodate all budgets.

NOTE:  First time denture wearers are not eligible for the economy dentures.

Denture / Arch starting at $380

Partial Dentures:

Acrylic Partial - $385.00                    

Both Arches - $770.00

Cast Metal:

Single arch-$960.00                  

Both arches- $1920.00                               


Panoramic X-Ray - $85.00  (A panoramic X-Ray will be done with ALL partials and some complete dentures)


Simple $99.00 with prosthetics / $115.00 without prosthetics

Surgical $150.00 with prosthetics / $180.00 without prosthetics

Alveoloplasty (bone removal surgery)

$95.00 per quadrant 

up to $380.00 (full mouth).   

Alveoloplasty is necessary in order to contour the ridge for proper prosthetic fit.  Please expect to need this done if you are having 3 or more teeth extracted. 


$200.00 per arch

$400.00 both upper and lower

Tissue Conditioning (for immediate dentures only)

$50.00 per arch

$100.00 both upper and lower

Adjustments (after 60 day)

$25.00 per visit / per arch

All prices are approximate and cannot be guaranteed until a complete exam and X-Ray are completed.  

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* Effective June 1, 2022  there will be a $50.00 no show or cancellation fee for all appointments not cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. *